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Tunisian Pinwheel Square


Below are various iterations of the original Tunisian Pinweel Square pattern I developed in 2016.  See these patterns in my Etsy shop.

The original Tunisian Pinwheel Square

See the FREE YouTube playlist that demonstrates this process step by step. 

Here are some border variations I’ve designed beyond the original pattern…

Simple Tunisian Coaster 

This pattern was developed to provide beginners an opportunity to make something useful from swatch of Tunisian simple stitch.

Tunisian Mitered Coaster

This pattern gives the opportunity to practice adjusting ones tension to enable a perfect square with Tunisian simple stitch (TSS). Most people make their TSS’s higher than they are wide, which is fine for many patterns. However, for the Tunisian Pinwheel Square, that won’t work.  With this design, practice not only makes perfect, it also makes striking coasters!


Sweet Wisdom Dishcloth

Here are some other color arrangements and border styles. Let your creativity blossom into a rainbow of colors with this pattern!

Here are some squares I worked up with Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn in various colors. I combined them into a shawl.

Tunisian Pinwheel Half Square

This pattern is offered for those who want to create a project with squares arranged “on point.” These half squares fill in along the border

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