CROCHET PATTERN: Arctic Whisper Snowflake Hexagon 12-inch

The downloadable, printable, ad-free pattern is available in my Etsy shop.

A lacy crocheted hexagon, great for shawls, throws, pillow overlays, curtains, and afghans. This pattern uses U.S. terminology (with UK/AU/NZ equivalents in parentheses) in the detailed stitch instructions.

Updated pattern made available on 04/01/2017. This pattern is a remake of the original Arctic Whisper Snowflake Hexagon. It has been reworked to use a 5.0 mm hook, which yields a 12-inch hexagon, with 20 stitches per side to coordinate with my other snowflake hexagon patterns of the same size and stitch count.

The old pattern was worked with a 6.5 mm hook and yielded a larger hexagon. The updated pattern can still be done with the larger hook to yield a 14-15” hexagon, depending on the individual’s tension.

See my web page for hexagon layouts for various projects.

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