CROCHET PATTERN with FREE VIDEO TUTORIAL: Radiating Moss Stitch Square 12-inch

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This new two-color version is larger (12” x 12”) than the original pattern (8” x 8”) and uses a new technique for joining each round.

Ad-free, downloadable, printable pattern is available in my Etsy shop.

Free video tutorial demonstrates this new corner-join technique!

No swirling! No bulging edges! No blocking needed! Identical on both sides!

New technique yields invisible corner joins!

This square is worked from the center out and each round is joined invisibly in the corner with a new technique, which I call the Helix Corner Join.

No swirling! This square is worked by flipping the piece over after each round, which counteracts the usual “swirl,” and requires very little blocking, if any.

The written pattern includes a printable photo tutorial and a link to a video tutorial.

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