Pattern Designer’s Checklist

Have you ever wondered what goes into designing a crochet pattern? Here is my checklist. This is a dynamic document and I change it from time to time, as I discover better ways to do things.  Please comment below and let me know if I’ve left something out or if this list has inspired you in any way.

This list is also available as a downloadable, printable, copyright free MS Word document. Please leave a comment below, if you’d like to have this document absolutely free for your own personal use.

I will then contact you via private message and give you the secret code to download it  from this blog.


Decide on object to make
Name object
Start Ravelry project
Make finished object while typing draft pattern
Photograph steps during project construction
Weigh object
Measure object
Photograph finished object
Compose photo tutorial
Compose video tutorial
Finalize written pattern
Get pattern tech-edited ($25 to $35 per hour)
Enter draft pattern listing on Ravelry
Compose pattern test announcement
Conduct pattern test
Decide on price
Compose pattern notes section for Ravelry/Etsy/LoveCrafts
Publish pattern on Ravelry
Generate Ravelry coupon codes for testers
Send Ravelry coupon codes to testers
Ask testers for permission to use photos on Ravelry pattern listing
Announce pattern on Ravelry

☐ My Ravelry group

☐ Any appropriate groups that allow it

Compose free/condensed version for blog
Post free version on blog with link to expanded, premium version
Announce free version on free pattern websites:

☐ Ravelry free pattern forum(s)




Update Ravelry pattern notes to include link to free version on blog
Publish pattern on LoveKnitting/LoveCrochet
Publish pattern on Etsy
List finished item on Etsy
Announce pattern on YouTube channel
Announce pattern on FB page
Announce finished item on FB page
Announce pattern on Pinterest
Announce finished item on Pinterest
Announce pattern on Instagram
Announce finished item on Instagram
Announce pattern on Twitter
Announce finished item on Twitter




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