FREE CROCHET PATTERN: Unadorned Beret – Quick Easy Project

Plain and Simple Slouchy Hat with Slip-Stitch Band.

Crochet Pattern with US Terminology by Cheryl Dee Floyd.

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The stretchy slip-stitch band makes this roomy hat very adjustable and able to accommodate most adult heads. It can be pulled down to cover the ears in cold weather. Those with long hair can fit all their hair inside the beret, making it a great cover up for freshly washed and towel dried hair. Make two berets, one with fewer increase rows, and wear the smaller one inside the larger one for double layers in really cold weather.

Tags: Unisex, adjustable, one-size-fits-most, worked-bottom-up.

Skill Level: Advanced beginner. Stitches used include chain, slip stitch, half-double crochet, half-double crochet increase, and half-double crochet decrease.

Tools: 4.0 mm hook, scissors, yarn needle, stitch marker (optional).

Materials: 195 yds (3.7 oz, 105 g) light worsted or DK yarn. Sample shown uses Caron Simply Soft Solids.

Gauge: Beret – 16 sts and 13 rows in 4”. Band – 20 sts and 28 rows in 4”.

Size: Fits most adults. Beret is 11” in diameter. Band is 2” wide, with 18” circumference un-stretched, 24” stretched. To make beret smaller, increase fewer rounds.

betw – between
ch – chain
dec – decrease
ea – each
hdc – half double crochet (UK: htr – half treble)
hk – hook
lp(s) – loops
rnd – round
sl st – slip stitch
sstj – slip stitch to join
st(s) – stitch(es)
thru – through
yo – yarn over (UK: yoh – yarn over hook or yrh – yarn round hook)

Special Instructions:
Half-double crochet increase. Work 2 hdc in same st.
Half-double crochet decrease. Yo, insert hk in st, yo and pull up lp. Keeping 3 lps on hk, insert hk in next st, yo and pull up lp to make 4 lps on hk. Pull 4th lp thru all of first 3 lps at once.

Row Band Procedure Stitch Count
1 Ch11, leaving 12” tail for sewing ends of band together. Sl st in back lp of 2nd ch from hook and all remaining chains. 10
2 Ch1 and rotate piece clockwise. Sl st in back lp of ea st across. 10
3 thru 120 Repeat Row 2 for 118 rows to make a total of 120 rows. On last row, ch1 and extend loop to use later, or place a st marker in the loop to secure it. Set hook aside. Thread yarn needle with beginning yarn tail and sew ends together to form hat band. Weave in end of yarn tail. 10
Rnd Beret Procedure Stitch Count
1 Reinsert hook into loop and cinch it down. Working along edge of band, hdc in end of ea row. Sstj. 120
2 Ch2 (does not count as st here and throughout), hdc in ea st around, increasing in every 15th st. Sstj in first hdc (not in ch-2). 128
3 Ch2, hdc in ea st around, increasing in every 16th st. Sstj in first hdc. 136
4 Ch2, hdc in ea st around, increasing in every 17th st. Sstj in first hdc. 144
5 Ch2, hdc in ea st around, increasing in every 18th st. Sstj in first hdc. 152
6 Ch2, hdc in ea st around with no increases. Sstj in first hdc. 152
7 Do not chain 2. [Insert hk into same joining st, yo and pull up lp to make 3 lps on hk. Insert hk into next st, yo and pull up lp to make 4 lps on hk. Pull 4th lp thru first 3 lps. (dec made) Hdc in next 17 sts.] Repeat [ to ] 7 more times. Sstj in first dec made. 144
8 Repeat Rnd 7 with 16 sts betw decreases. 136
9 Repeat Rnd 7 with 15 sts betw decreases. 128
10 Repeat Rnd 7 with 14 sts betw decreases. 120
11 Repeat Rnd 7 with 13 sts betw decreases. 112
12 Repeat Rnd 7 with 12 sts betw decreases. 104
13 Repeat Rnd 7 with 11 sts betw decreases. 96
14 Repeat Rnd 7 with 10 sts betw decreases. 88
15 Repeat Rnd 7 with 9 sts betw decreases. 80
16 Repeat Rnd 7 with 8 sts betw decreases. 72
17 Repeat Rnd 7 with 7 sts betw decreases. 64
18 Repeat Rnd 7 with 6 sts betw decreases. 56
19 Repeat Rnd 7 with 5 sts betw decreases. 48
20 Repeat Rnd 7 with 4 sts betw decreases. 40
21 Repeat Rnd 7 with 3 sts betw decreases. 32
22 Repeat Rnd 7 with 2 sts betw decreases. 24
23 Repeat Rnd 7 with 1 st betw decreases. 16
24 Repeat Rnd 7 with 0 sts betw decreases. 8
25 Hdc in ea st around. Fasten off, cut yarn, leaving 8” tail. Using yarn needle, thread yarn under top 2 lps of each st and pull tight. Weave in ends. 8

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