Crochet Pattern: Radiating Moss Stitch Square

A colorful square for afghans, blankets, throws, shawls, bags, and dishcloths. This pattern employs the moss stitch (aka linen stitch or granite stitch) and is worked from the center out.  Purchase the full written pattern from my Ravelry Store or my Etsy Shop.

The method used for joining rounds in this pattern yields a nearly invisible seam. The pattern includes three versions: single color, two color, and rainbow (multi-color). There are separate instructions for each version. See the ***FREE VIDEO TUTORIAL*** for the two-color version of this pattern at my YouTube channel.

There are links in the pattern to free video tutorials that demonstrate all the steps to achieve the two-color square, including how to finish the last corner. You may also view this and other free videos on my YouTube channel, Cheryl Dee Crochet.

The pattern has been thoroughly tested and professionally edited.



Crochet Tutorial: Needle Join (aka Invisible Join)

This video shows how to work a needle join on single crochet (UK – double crochet), half-double crochet (UK – half treble), and the moss stitch.

Below is a photo tutorial that demonstrates how to join a double crochet circle (UK – treble crochet) with a needle join.


The above photo tutorial on the Needle Join (NJ), also known as the invisible join. The background music in the video is performed by Bonnie Hodge with Lady and a Harp. You can visit her YouTube channel here:

Crochet Pattern: Tunisian Pinwheel Half Square

This half square pattern is now available as a companion to the Tunisian Pinwheel Square pattern. You may obtain the half-square pattern free, when you purchase the full square pattern.  Buy full square pattern now.

This project employs the Tunisian simple stitch. However, a Tunisian crochet hook is not necessary, as the half-square is small enough that a regular crochet hook can be used. It is perfect for joining to the Tunisian Pinwheel Squares, on point, to make a larger project, such as a blanket, shawl, or bag. This is a good project for yarn scraps, as each of the 4 triangles can be made in a different color.

Also, if you want to make just the basic square, with the 8 triangles only, and no border, you can find the free pattern at the link below. ===> 2018 Free Version Tunisian Pinwheel Square

And, here is a link to the free video tutorials for that portion of the full square pattern.===> View the playlist of 6 video tutorials

Free Crochet Pattern: 2018 Condensed Tunisian Pinwheel Square

I have recently expanded and updated the Tunisian Pinwheel Square pattern that I originally published in August 2016. The expanded version contains an optional moss-stitch border, as shown in these photos. Buy expanded pattern now.

To celebrate the expanded version, I have decided to make a free, condensed version of the pattern available, as well. With the condensed version, you will still receive the “meat” of the pattern, showing in great detail how to make the basic Tunisian Pinwheel Square that can be used for potholders, dishcloths, etc. There are written instructions, diagrams, tables, and links to video tutorials.


There are ten pages of material in the free, condensed version, making it too large to put into a blog post. So, you will need to download the .pdf here:

===> 2018 Free Version Tunisian Pinwheel Square

Here is a link to my YouTube channel, where you can view the playlist with 6 videos that demonstrate everything in the free written version.

===> View the playlist of 6 video tutorials

I have spent many hours to improve and enhance this pattern for you. I have had it tested several times and I have paid a professional technical editor to find any errors.

I would be very grateful if you would leave a comment below. I would be even more grateful if you would create a Ravelry project page with photos of your creation and link it to my pattern. I would be super impressed and truly humbled if you would give me a shout-out on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Yours truly!



Crochet Tutorial: Solid Square Improved Corners

I have found a way to eliminate the awkwardness of the starting chain on an Elmer Square.

The sample on the left is made with a starting ch5 in the corner, which equals a dc, ch2. The sample on the right is made with a different method, which I will describe below.

20180521_221157In the square on the left, the holes in the joined corners are larger than the other holes on the same square. The square on the right has more uniform holes.

In the square on the left, the starting chain makes the bottom of the stitch hide behind the last stitch of the round, so it appears that the bottoms of the two stitches are crossed over each other. In the square on the right, the bottoms of all 4 stitches are visible, just like all the other corners.

Here’s my preferred method for the Elmer Square.

Ch4. Sl st to form ring.
Rnd 1. Do not ch1. Work a sc, ch1 (equals 1st dc),dc, ch2. [3dc, ch2] three times. Then work final dc.  To join this round, slip stitch in the top of the regular dc, not in the chain stitch at the beginning of the round.
Rnd 2. Do not ch1. Work sc in ch-2 sp, ch1 (equals dc). Dc, ch2, 2dc in same space. First corner is made. Dc in next 3 sts. ([2dc, ch2, 2dc] in ch-2 sp, dc in next 3 sts) three times. Sl st as in Rnd 1.
Continue with as many rounds as desired.

20180521_215550First corner is made.

20180521_215939Last stitch of each round goes here.

20180521_220018Slip stitch to join in top of first regular dc of round, not in chain above beginning sc.

20180521_220051Round is complete. Note that first [sc, ch1] looks like a regular dc, now that the round is properly joined. Use an invisible join (a.k.a needle join) on final round.

Crochet Tutorial: Mountain Picot


I’m calling this the “Mountain Picot,” because it’s very pointy, as opposed to most picots I see, which are rather rounded. Here are some photos that show how it’s done.

Chain 2. Insert hk into 2nd ch from hk.

YO and pull up lp. Insert hk under 2 strands shown.

YO and pull up lp to make 3 lps on hk.

Yarn over…

…and pull thru all lps and continue with next sts in pattern.

Give this a try and let me know how you like it!

Hexagon to Circle to Square

IMG_20151119_110742Have you ever wanted to crochet a hexagon shape and make it into a square shape by adding rounds? Here are some photos that show my experimentation with that.

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