Common Crochet Pattern Abbreviations

Compiled from various sources by Cheryl Dee Floyd
[ ]   Work instructions within brackets as many times as directed
( )   Work instructions within parentheses as many times as directed
*   Repeat the instructions following the single asterisk as directed
* *   Repeat instructions between asterisks as many times as directed
alt   Alternate
approx   Approximately
att   Attach(ed)
beg   Begin/beginning
bet or betw   Between
bk   Back
bl   Back loop(s)
blo   Back loop only
bo or bob   Bobble
bp   Back post
bpdc RtrB Back post double crochet (UK – raised treble back)
bpsc RdcB Back post single crochet (UK – raised double back)
bptr RdtrB Back post treble crochet (UK – raised double-treble back)
ca   Color A
cb   Color B
cc   Contrasting color
ch   Chain stitch
ch-   Refers to chain or space previously made: e.g., ch-1 space
ch-sp   Chain space
cl   Cluster
cm   Centimeter(s)
cont   Continue
ctr   Center
dc tr Double crochet (UK – treble crochet)
dc2tog tr3tog Double crochet 2 stitches together (UK – treble crochet 2 stitches together)
dec   Decrease/decreases/decreasing
dtr trtr Double treble (UK – triple treble)
dup   Duplicate
ea   Each
fl   Front loop(s)
foll   Follow/follows/following
fp   Front post
fpdc RtrF Front post double crochet (UK – raised treble front)
fpsc RdcF Front post single crochet (UK – raised double front)
fptr RdtrF Front post treble crochet (UK – raised double-treble front)
fr   Front
g   Gram
gp   Group
hdc htr Half double crochet (UK – half treble crochet)
hdc2tog htr2tog Half double crochet 2 sts together (UK – half treble crochet 2 sts together)
inc   Increase/increases/increasing
lp(s)   Loops
m   Meter(s)
mc   Main color
mm   Millimeter(s)
nbr   Number
oz   Ounce(s)
p   Picot
pat(s) or patt   Pattern(s)
pc   Popcorn
pm   Place marker
prev   Previous/previously
pt   Point
rem   Remain/remaining
rep(s)   Repeat(s)
rnd(s)   Round(s)
rs   Right side
sc dc Single crochet (UK – double crochet)
sc2tog dc2tog Single crochet 2 stitches together (UK – double crochet two stitches together)
sk   Skip (UK – miss)
sl st   Slip stich
sp(s)   Space(s)
spl sc spl dc Split single crochet (UK – split double crochet)
sstj   Slip stitch to join
std   Standing or standard
st(s)   Stitch(es)
tbl   Through back loop
tch or t-ch   Turning chain
thru   Through
tog   Together
tr dtr Treble crochet (UK – double treble)
trtr   Triple treble crochet (UK –quad treble)
w/   With
w/o   Without
wk   Work/working
ws   Wrong side
yd(s)   Yard(s)
yo yoh, yrh Yarn over (UK – yarn over or round hook)