CROCHET PATTERN with Video Tutorials: Take a Stand Square – On-point Checkered Tunisian Afghan Block 12″ (30.5 cm)

Take-a-Stand Square

On-point, Checkered Afghan Block 12” (30.5 cm)

Tunisian Crochet Pattern in US Terminology by Cheryl Dee Floyd

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This three-color square is perfect for throws, shawls, bags, baby blankets, pillow covers, etc. Worked in Tunisian simple stitch, this design can be completed with a regular crochet hook. A Tunisian hook is not required.

The nine small squares in the center are worked in vertical strips, using a “join-as-you-go” technique. The center checkered square, with edging, is 6” x 6” (15.25 cm x 15.25 cm) and sits on-point within another square of a contrasting color. All are surrounded with a coordinating border.

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This design would make an excellent backdrop for adding small appliques of flowers, animals, or freeform “twiddles.”

Skill Level. Intermediate.

Techniques. Chain, slip stitch, single crochet (UK double crochet), Tunisian simple stitch, changing and carrying yarn colors, linked half double crochet (UK linked half treble crochet), linked double crochet (UK linked treble crochet), joining in the corners, joining as you go, and managing two yarn balls.

Yarn. Approximately 2.8 oz / 144 yds (80 g / 132 m) of medium weight (#4) yarn. This design works best with three solid colors…a dark, a medium, and a light version of the same hue. In photos: Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton in White, Stonewash Blue, and Dark Denim.

Tools. I-9 (5.5 mm) regular hook (Tunisian hook not required), scissors, tapestry needle, and 4 st markers.

TESTERS RESULTS. Thank you to Sadie Gant, Carolina Cruz, Nikki Broadus, and Teryle Williams.

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