Video Tutorial: Crochet with Only One Hand – Disability Crafting

10/14/2020. I recently injured my left wrist and have to wear a brace for a few weeks. At this point, I’m unable to crochet with two hands. So, I decided to try crocheting with just my right hand. This video documents my techniques.

This video is timed to be rather slow. If you wish to change the playback speed, please click Settings (the gear button), click Playback Speed, and adjust accordingly.

In this video I demonstrate making a slip knot, a chain, and single crochet stitches with only one hand. I use a 14-inch long crochet hook placed inside my wrist brace for stability.

2 thoughts on “Video Tutorial: Crochet with Only One Hand – Disability Crafting

  1. Well done! I felt your video was very informative & concise. The views are well placed in order to see exactly what you’re doing. The blurb at the beginning is helpful for slowing the video. This will not only be helpful for those who’ve been injured, but also for many who have permanent disabilities! You may be inclined to include a short sentence encouraging the need to practice this as with any other new technique. Feel better soon.

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