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FREE CROCHET PATTERN: Face Mask in a Hurry with no-sew lining


Crocheted Face Mask with No-Sew Fabric Lining

Crochet pattern with US Crochet Terminology by Cheryl Dee Floyd

This mask is not medical grade.

The downloadble, printable, ad-free version of this pattern is available in my Etsy shop.

Quick and easy! Can be made in less than one hour. Cotton thread makes this mask cool to wear for summer. Single layer of fabric enables easy breathing. Attach lining with bobby pins or safety pins.

Tools. US E-4 (3.5 mm) hook, scissors, yarn needle. Optional items: hand sewing needle and sewing thread.

Materials. Cotton thread #5. Sample shown uses Bernat Handicrafter Crochet Thread, size 5, in white. Hold double strands throughout. Two bobby pins (UK – Kirby grips) or two safety pins. Bandana or woven cotton fabric.

Gauge. 14 sts and 15 rows in 3” (10 cm) of hdc.

Finished measurements. 10.25” (26 cm) wide and 4.75” (12 cm) tall.

Abbreviations. Ch – chain; dc – double crochet (UK – treble); hdc – half double crochet (UK – half treble); RS – right side; sc – single crochet (UK – double); sl st – slip stitch; st(s) – stitch(es).


Row 1. Holding two strands together, ch 42, plus one for turning chain.

Row 2. Sc in second chain from hook and in each chain across. 42 sts.

Row 3. Ch1, turn. Sc in next 5 sts, hdc in next 32 sts, sc in last 5 sts. 42 sts.

Row 4 thru Row 15. Repeat Row 3 until piece is 15 rows high or to desired height.

Row 16. Ch1, turn. Sc in every st across. Do not fasten off. 42 sts.

Drawstring Row 1 (RS). Rotate mask 90 degrees to work along ends of rows. Ch2 (counts as dc), dc in end of next row and each row across. Fasten off. Weave in ends. 16 sts.

Drawstring Row 2. On other end of mask, with RS facing, attach yarn with sl st in bottom corner, ch2 (counts as dc), dc in end of next row and each row across. Fasten off. Weave in ends. 16 sts.

Drawstring. Ch 160, to measure approximately 32” (81 cm), unstretched, and 42” (107 cm) stretched. Cut thread and pull out thru last chain. Thread either end of drawstring into yarn needle. Weave in and out, bottom to top, through dc sts on one short side of mask and then, top to bottom, thru dc sts on other short side of mask. Tie knot in each end of drawstring, making sure to keep the chain stitches included in the knot. Trim yarn ends. Drawstring ends should dangle down sides of face.

Fabric lining. Cut a rectangular piece of cloth approximately the same width and height (at center) as mask. I used 1/8 of a cotton bandana.

Cut several like this and exchange them as needed. If desired, finish raw edges with a hand or machine stitched hem.

Attaching lining. Fold or gather short side of fabric and secure to inside of mask, on wrong side, with bobby pin (UK – Kirby grip) or safety pin. Repeat with other short side, allowing middle of fabric to expand to cover nose and mouth.

Wearing mask. Place loop of drawstring over top of head, with mask covering nose and mouth. Adjust sides of mask along drawstring, if needed. Tie ends of drawstring behind neck.

 Enjoy your creativity!

Copyright 2020 by Cheryl Dee Floyd. All Rights Reserved. You may give away or sell any items you make from this pattern. You may not copy, distribute, or otherwise publish this pattern as your own.

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Milagros Rivera Diaz completed her test of this pattern on 6/22/2020. She wrote, “Used DMC PETRA COTTON THREAD #5, 2 threads as one, as requested, hook E- 3.5 mm, 10.5” length, 5.5” height. The pattern is easy to follow, self explained, the fit is great, I use a disposable filter. This is a pattern that I would repeat with different yarn. Yarn color 53837, is like a violet color. 6.22.20 – 6.22.20 beg-finished.” Thank you so much, Milo!


Martha Ford Knox completed her test of this pattern on 6/22/2020. She wrote, “Finished measurements 9 3/4” wide, 4” tall, hook size 3.0 D, Royale Thread Cotton and Aunt Lydia’s Thread Cotton #3, colorway Plum and Teal, date started 6/22, date completed 6/22, total time 2 1/2 hrs. Pattern difficulty (0 to 5) 0.

Notes – No problems with pattern direction. Pics big help. I crochet slow. To get length of drawstring made 190 chains, 35” stretched to 42”. I changed pattern in last row to accommodate buttons. Row 16 ch 1, turn Sc in next st, ch 2, Sc across to 3 td from end sc, ch. 1 Sc. Uses cotton material for lining. Cut to size, overcast edges. Added buttons to wrong side. Low shank so they wouldn’t irritate face of wearer. (30 minutes).”

Thank you so much, Martha!


Dawn Eckel completed her test on 6/22/2020. She wrote, “Finished measurements 9.5 inches x 4.25, hook size 2.75 US, “I love this cotton from Hobby Lobby 100% cotton, colorways Carousel Ombré lot 4525 Art# 104 2008 collection, started: 6/22/2020,  finished 6/22/2020, pattern difficulty (0-5) 1.

This was a very easy pattern and it took me approximately one hour. I used a smaller hook because I couldn’t find my other hook at the time. It did make the width and depth a pinch smaller, but worked well for my face. The pattern is versatile enough that you can decrease the center count and amount of rows for smaller faces or increase as needed. I absolutely love it!

Since I didn’t have any hair clips or pins I used fusible bonding. And because both are 100% cotton, I used a pillowcase and iron on cotton setting. No steam. I have used this method when making crochet cloth diaper covers for grandkids and it lasted for a year. So I wanted to try it out. Note to self: buy some hair pins!

For youth (my neighbors nephew, I just finished a smaller version making the chain 32 and each row 32, and the amount of rows 4-13 finished rows 14 and the dc count on drawstring each side was 14. She didn’t want drawstring so I replaced with 1/4 inch wide elastic to fit around ears and wove it in and out then sewed elastic ends together on each side. THIS PATTERN IS AMAZING AND SO VERSATILE ❤️❤️❤️!!”

Thank you, Dawn!


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