FREE VIDEO TUTORIAL: Flipped Out Granny Square 12″


Click here to watch ===> DIY – HOW TO CROCHET: Flipped Out Granny Square || Cheryl Dee Crochet.

Seamless! Colorful! No wonky edges! Few ends to weave in!

This pattern employs lots of color and enables you to stay in control of where your colors change! Colors are changed at the end of every round with a sturdy* fisherman’s knot (aka magic knot).

This technique greatly reduces the number of yarn tails to be woven in at the end of the project.

Corner joins and color changes take place at the same time. Have you tried corner joins? You’ll like the way they produce an invisible seam!

Instructions include turning/flipping the piece as each new round is begun and working back in the other direction. This prevents swirling and keeps all the corners at a clean 90-degree angle.

You’re going to love this technique!

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