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CROCHET PATTERN with FREE VIDEO TUTORIAL: Four Diamonds Granny Square 12″ (30 cm)


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Free video playlist demonstrates all steps in this pattern.

A colorful, 12″ (30 cm) crocheted square for shawls, throws, pillow overlays, curtains, or afghans. Can you see the four diamonds (or squares), one within another, in the center of the square?

If you like lots of color, this pattern allows for all seven colors of the rainbow.  Each round can be a different color that alternates with black or whatever color you choose.

Experience Level: Intermediate

Materials: Approximately 1.9 oz (54 g / 99 yds / 90.5 m) worsted-weight or 10-ply yarn (#4) for each square.

This written pattern comes to you as a .pdf download. This written pattern contains all the information you need to make this beautiful square.

PLUS, there is a photo tutorial within the pattern that explains how to work the slip-stitch rounds with the contrasting accent color AND there is a link to a FREE video tutorial series that demonstrates how to work the entire pattern.

This 9-page, downloadable, written pattern has been professionally edited and fully tested.

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