Free Crochet Pattern: Weaveless Colorful Granny


Any seven colors may be used with stunning effect. The colors pictured are derived from the seven colors of the natural rainbow, in order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Reverse the colors and you have the other half of a double rainbow. Alternate the squares in a project for eye-popping color and a pleasing design.

This pattern employs the Weaveless Color-Change Joins technique, which uses the tidy and sturdy fisherman’s knot (aka magic knot), greatly reducing the number of yarn tails to be woven or sewn in at the end of the project. In this solid granny square, the color changes and joining are done at the corners, eliminating an ugly seam.

The color changes are implemented during the final steps of each round. The secret to the knot ending up in the correct place is this: prior to completing the final [dc, ch1, sc] at the end of each round, cut the working yarn to a length of about 7” and join the new yarn color with a knot. The expanded pattern contains a detailed photo tutorial.

In order to test the durability of these knots, this technique was tested in a dish scrubber pattern. After repeated, vigorous use, the knots remain very much intact.

Materials: Seven different colors of worsted weight or 10-ply (#4) yarn. Total yardage for one square: 52.25 yds. Colors pictured: Red Heart Super Saver (RHSS) Lavendar, RHSS Light Blue, RHSS Aruba Sea, RHSS Melon, RHSS Light Yellow, Lion Brand Pound of Love in Creamsicle, and RHSS Light Raspberry. 

Yards per Round: Rnd 1 – 1.75, Rnd 2 – 3.5, Rnd 3 – 5.5, Rnd 4 – 7.5, Rnd 5 – 9.25, Rnd 6 – 11.25, and Rnd 7 – 13.5.

Tools: H8 (5mm) hook, yarn needle, and scissors.

Gauge/Size: Three rounds make a 3” x 3” square. Seven rounds make a 7.5” x 7.5” square.

Abbreviations: CCJ – color change join, ch – chain, dc – double crochet (UK – treble crochet), NJ – needle join (aka invisible join), sc – single crochet (UK – double crochet), sl st – slip stitch, sp – space, sq – square, st(s) – stitch(es), yo – yarn over (UK – yarn over hook).

Special Instructions

  • Beginning ch3, and ch2 do count as a st in this pattern.
  • Color-Change Join (CCJ): Prior to final dc, ch1, cut working yarn to a length of 7” (18 cm), work Color-Change Knot. To complete rnd, dc, ch1, sc into top ch of ch-3 (or ch-2) that began round, resulting in new yarn color on hook.
  • Color-Change Knot: Lay two colors of yarn in parallel configuration, next to each other on flat surface. Ends should be aiming in different directions, like two trains passing each other on parallel tracks. Start with end of yarn attached to project, wrap it around the new yarn and tie it into a knot. Tail should be about 1 inch long. Wrap other end around first strand and tie into a knot. Length of this end doesn’t matter. Pull on both strands until the two knots are snugly next to each other. Cut off both short ends very close to knot. Continue as instructed.
  • Corner Shell (CS): 2dc, ch2, 2dc.
  • Start New Round (SNR): Sl st back into same corner space to cover old yarn color with new yarn color. Cinch down tightly, to avoid loose loop. Ch2 loosely (= dc), then dc into same corner space just made.
  • Needle join (NJ) (a.k.a. Invisible Join)
    • Leaving last loop on hook, cut working yarn about 6 inches (15 cm) away from hook. Gently pull newly cut yarn through loop on hook, making sure to leave last loop loose. Remove hook and set it aside.
    • Thread cut end of yarn through yarn needle. Gently insert yarn needle from front to back under both top loops of stitch indicated. Pull tail through to back of fabric.
    • Insert yarn needle from front to back through last stitch of round, where yarn was pulled through. Pull tail tightly until it disappears, to keep from adding a loop to the stitch count.
    • Turn your work over and use yarn needle to weave in end, making sure to keep appropriate tension. Snip end of yarn.


Rnd 1. With A, start with magic circle [or ch4 and join with sl st in first chain.] Ch3 (=dc), 2dc, ch2 in ring, * 3dc, ch2 in ring. Repeat from * two more times, CCJ. 20 sts.

Rnd 2. Continuing with B, SNR, dc in next 3 sts, *corner shell, dc in next 3 sts. Repeat from * two more times, CCJ. 36 sts.

Rnd 3. Continuing with C, SNR, dc in next 7 sts, *corner shell, dc in each of next 7 sts. Repeat from * two more times. CCJ. 52 sts.

Rnd 4. Continuing with D, SNR, dc in each of next 11 sts, *corner shell, dc in next 11 sts. Repeat from * two more times. CCJ. 68 sts.

Rnd 5. Continuing with E, SNR, dc in next 15 sts, *corner shell, dc in next 15 sts. Repeat from * two more times. CCJ. 84 sts.

Rnd 6. Continuing with F, SNR, dc in next 19 sts, *corner shell, dc in next 19 sts. Repeat from * two more times. CCJ. 100 sts.

Rnd 7. Continuing with G, SNR, dc in next 23 sts, *corner shell, dc in next 23 sts. Repeat from * two more times. NJ. 116 sts.




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