FREE CROCHET PATTERN: Stripey Pouch (Helix)


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The expanded version contains a photo tutorial, abbreviations, detailed explanations for the needle join, extended dc, standing extended dc, standing sc, alternate tasseled drawstrings, and tips for keeping 4 yarn balls organized.

This soft drawstring pouch protects eyewear from scratches. Use bright colors so you never lose your glasses again. It can also hold all sorts of small objects, such as phone chargers, pens, pencils, and wrapped snacks.

This project works up quickly, taking only one to two hours, so it makes a great last-minute gift. Worked in four colors, this pattern employs the helix method of crocheting in a spiral, which eliminates an awkward seam.


Skill Level: Intermediate.

Stitches/Techniques: Ch, edc, standing edc, sc, standing sc, sl st, needle join, and the helix method for single-row stripes.

Finished Measurements: 8.5” long x 3.5” wide (21.5 x 9 cm).

Tools: H/8-5.0 mm hook, tapestry/yarn needle, 4 st markers (optional), and scissors. If you crochet loosely, you might want to go down one hook size to make denser fabric.

Materials: 58 yds (34 g, 1.2 oz, 53 m) of any brand of worsted-weight yarn. Each color requires approximately 14.5 yds (8.5 g, 0.3 oz, 13.25 m).

Gauge: 8 sts and 9 rows in 2” (5 cm) of single crochet.

A note about yarn colors: A is lightest, B and C are mid-range, and D is darkest. The colors are not started in alphabetical order. (Expanded pattern includes photo tutorial.)

Until the helix is established in Rnd 3, you may wish to use st markers in loose lps, to avoid losing sts.


Rnd 1. With B, ch15. Sc in 2nd ch from hk and next 13 sts. Pull up lp and remove hk. Rotate piece clockwise (counter clockwise for left-handed crocheters). With A, work standing sc in same st (on opposite side of chain). Sc in next 12 sts. Bases of these A sts will be located in same place as B sts in first half of rnd. Pull up lp and remove hk. With D, work standing sc in last st. Pull up lp and remove hk. (Expanded pattern includes instructions for standing sc.)

Rnd 2. With C, work standing sc in first sc of Rnd 1. Sc in next 10 sts sts. Pull up lp and remove hk. Insert hk in B lp, tighten lp, sc in standing sc of A from Rnd 1 and in next 10 sts. Pull up lp and remove hk.

Rnd 3. Insert hk in D lp, tighten lp, sc in standing sc of C at beginning of Rnd 2. Sc in next 7 sts. Pull up lp and remove hk. Insert hk in A lp, tighten lp, sc in standing sc of D and in next 5 sts. Pull up lp and remove hk. The helix is now established. Weave in all beginning yarn ends with yarn needle.

Rnds 4 – 32. *Insert hk in any lp, tighten lp, and continue working sc until there are only a few unworked sts of next color. Pull up lp and remove hk. Repeat from * around entire pouch, until pouch is 7.5” long. This is approximately 32 rounds. It is difficult to count rounds, because they form a spiral with no clear beginning or end. Managing yarn balls is possible. Just take your time and you’ll get into the rhythm. (Expanded pattern includes photo tutorial.)

Rnd 33. Final helix round: Work NJ as close as possible to both right and left edges of pouch, two colors on one edge and the other two colors on the other edge. Finish colors on same edge as that on which they were begun. (Expanded pattern includes photo tutorial.)

Rnd 34. Using any color, work standing edc in any st. (Expanded pattern includes detailed instructions.) Work edc in every remaining st around. NJ.

Rnd 35. Using any color, work standing sc in any st. Work sc in every remaining st around. NJ.

Simple Knotted Drawstrings
Make 2 for each pouch.

Ch 60. Cut yarn and pull tail out through last st. Pull sts at both ends of chain tightly and, leaving about 3” (7.5 cm), snip tails. Lightly press bag flat with your hands. Starting from either side of edc round, weave first drawstring in and out around posts of sts, until both ends of drawstring come out on same side of bag. Use yarn needle, hook, or fingers. Tie ends together in a firm knot, being sure to include actual chain, not just tails. Snip ends neatly.

Repeat for second drawstring, starting on opposite side of bag. Make sure to weave second drawstring behind and in front of the same posts as with first drawstring. Both ends of second drawstring will come out on opposite side of bag from first drawstring. Tie ends together in a firm knot. Add beads or buttons, if desired. Snip ends neatly.

(Expanded pattern includes alternate, tasseled drawstrings with photo tutorial.)

Enjoy your creativity.

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